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On 2025 our company aim be the leader in adventure tourism in Latin America creating happy clients.


We handle to generate unforgettable experiences for our customers through our collaborators identified with sustainability.


RESPECT : Our Company respect local comunities and environment , wherever develop our tourism activities thourght our internal and external costumers.

EMPATHY : We perceive and share what our costumers feel worry about our clients experience in their journeys.

ATTENTIVENESS : We are always attentive to demands of our clients, regardless of the mission entrusted to them.

LIBERTY : Through our trips our clients feel the freedom to enjoy new lasting and unforgettable experiences for their lives.

Q’ente was founded in the Andes of Peru – Cusco in 1995 as an adventure tour operator, promoting the tourism in this region. Since our Company was founded we have attended hundreds of adventurous tourists.

We have built our reputation taking in mind important details in our services and upgrading our skills continuosly.Our clients have a personalize attention. A constantly innovation in our services and programs make us the leader.As atour operator we offer many journey alternatives, specially to the main atractions in our wonderful country.

Q’ente is a top-ranked tour operator recommended by Lonely Planet, Let’s Go, Footprint, South American Handbook, Peru Handbook, and AndeanTravelWeb.com. As a leader adventure Company, we achieve the following awards:

Better Inka Trail tour operator , Peruvian Tourism Bureau. Peru 2002.
Bizz Award International, Leader Management, Houston, U.S.A. 2005.
The Peruvian Enterprise most important recognition 2005, Lima Peru.
Bizz Award International, Leader Management, Manhatan, U.S.A. 2006.

1800 more opinions make us better every day.


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