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Qeswachaca: Living Inca Bridge

Price 1 Day
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Qeswachaca: Living Inca Bridge

per person

Qeswachaca: Living Inca Bridge

Peru has most of the network roads since the Inca’s time called Qhapaq Ñan, wich cross our country from south to North and from sea level to the hinghlands and the jungle, to conect this roads the Incas  constructed bridges made of vegetal fibers specially acomódate with a unique hand made technique wich is still transfer from one generation to anothere .

One of the remainding bridge is Q’eswachaca over the Apurimac river, 3,700 mts altitud,  that is renovated  every year since the inca’s time over  500 years.

Visit this ancient bridge conect you to the pass and imaginen how people use roads in the 14th century.

Cross the Bridge is a unique experience probably you will have in your life because there are few original bridges hand made by local people

See the scenery in the andes means to conect with the nature and andean people who  still keeps their traditions, culture and generosity.

We  pick you up from your hotel  between 4:30 and 4:45 am. If your hotel or hostel is not located in the city center, we will pick you up from Cusco Main square or Regocijo square both in dontown  then have a two hours hour van journey to  Combapata town , where we stop to have a  local breakfast (made of local cereals like quinoa, quiwicha, maca). After  15 minutes drive we arrive to Combapata viewpoint, from which we will enjoy the beautiful landscapes and Apurimac river. You  will continue the  journey to Yanaoca small town in the andes from this site  we will drive another thirty minute and reach  Q’ewe  village small and  cozy as we get closer we can see part of the apurimac river and the qeswacha bridge that is supported on indomitable rocks and stones built by the people of the Andes. After 20 minutes ride we arrive to Qeswachaca Bridge. You can take picture and check with the local people who manage the bridge and have the once in your life Experience to cross the 33 mts long of original Inca bridge. You will spend for another half hour to take pictures and  see the magnificent and impresive construction also you will have explanation about Q’eswachaca bridge. After finish the tour guide we will drive to Pampamarca, Asnacqoccha, Acopia, and Pomacanchi the famous 4 lakes in the south part of Cusco.you will apreciate  native flamingos and other andean birds stop in lakeshore to have a picnic before we return to Cusco we will stop  at  Rumi Punku before returning to Cusco at about 5:00 pm.


  • Pick-up from your hotel or Plaza Regocijo  and drop-off near the main square
  • Professional, bilingual tour guide
  • Transportation
  • Comfortable and secure private buses and minivans.
  • Breakfast and Box Lunch  (vegetarian options available)
  • First aid kit (includes emergency oxygen tank)


  • Extra drinks and meals
  • Dinner
  • Snacks
  • Tips