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Machu Picchu, visit it by train

Machu Picchu, a unique place on the planet, for its history, its conjunction of nature with the hand of man.

Located on a mountain, and surrounded by the nothing, the abyss, gives us the sensation, from above that the city is a small lost point, nevertheless to be in it we realize, that it is not like that.
It is particularly pleasant to make the trip by train, the way of the Indian, the places that the Incas built, and to be able to appreciate, in detail, the architectural and natural wonders that, if we do not do carefully, we would lose ourselves.
It is ideal to make this trip as a group, and carry it out from beginning to end, because this natural labyrinth makes us confuse and sometimes even get lost, it is always good to go with a guide, who in addition to inform us, give us the details of what we are going through , will prevent us from getting lost. It has an entrance and exit, except in the way of the Inca. We must always be guided by its central square, as a meeting point, in case of not locating well.

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